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  • Studies on growth and development of different crops, interdependence of seed yield and selected plant morphological traits.
  • Cultivation of meadows and pastures, mountain farming, management of green areas,
  • Ecological microbiology of soil and water, eco-toxicology of soils – mycotoxins, nitrosamines.
  • Physiological bases of plant resistance to environmental stress.
  • Application of biotechnological methods for improvement in plant breeding, cytogenetics of crops.
  • Physicochemical starch modifications, metal ions in the natural environment,
  • Productivity of crop rotations under various site conditions; ecology, distribution of weeds, weed control.
  • Fertilisation and yield quality; heavy metals in contaminated soils, utilisation of industrial and municipal wastes in agriculture, new fertilisers.
  • Assessment of soil forming value of selected lithostratygraphic units of Carpathian Flysh, concentrations of heavy metals and their forms in soils, relations between soil properties (humus compound composition) and natural plant communities in mountain areas.
  • Marketing and market for agri-food products, entrepreneurship in agribusiness, multifunctional rural development.
  • Current state and perspectives for international agriculture development.
  • Agriculture and rural development in the European Union.
  • Sociology of rural areas and agriculture, some problems of rural development.
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